"Develop a passion for learning.
If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

We are passionate about making a difference through training and development. Our approach ensures that money invested in training produces changed behaviors on the job and clear results in both the indivdual's career and our organization's growth. At MOSAIC, learning is much more than a single event.

It is a process:
  Diagnosis: Understanding our primary business needs
  Targeted Solutions: Tailoring a solution to fit our needs
  Flexible Delivery: Deploying training how and where we
       need it
  Bridging the Gap: Improving on-the-job performance

You will enjoy an abundance of opportunity for continued education at no cost to you through MOSAIC University. MOSAIC University is an intelligent program with highly trained professionals on hand to educate and support. Our course catalog includes over fifty hands-on, classroom, on-the-job and/or online learning opportunities. Take a look at some of the core courses available through MOSAIC University...
  Company Orientation
  Hands-on Computer Training
  Maintenance for Managers
  Foundations of Leadership
  Collections and Economic Occupancy
  Empowering and Coaching
  Effective Marketing
  Safety in the Workplace
  Hands-on Technical Skills Training
  Management and Financial Reporting
  Budget Preparation
  Change Management
  Time Management
  Strategic Pricing

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